Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – UH OH!

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – UH OH!

So every version of Samsung’s main flagshipshave two different processors and which oneyou’ll get depends on where you live and itisn’t something they’ve been doing recently.Samsung has been dual sourcing chipsets goingas far back as the Galaxy Note 3, which debutedback in 2013.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultrawill also have two different processors.The US and Canada will get the newly announcedSnapdragon 865+ processor which by the wayis the first mobile chipset to surpass the3GHz CPU clock speed ceiling.Not only that but it also offers a 10% increasein both CPU and GPU speeds compared to theSnapdragon 865 released earlier this yearwith the Galaxy S20 family.So folks over at the US will get a fasterand improved Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

But the rest of the world will have to dealwith an inferior product yet again.Earlier there were rumors that Samsung willequip a new 6nm Exynos 992 processor on theGalaxy Note 20 to compensate for the performancedisparity we had with the Galaxy S20 variantswhere the difference between the Exynos andSnapdragon variants of the S20 was almost20%.But it looks like that’s not happening.Ice Universe tweeted that Samsung will continuewith the Exynos 990 processor in the GalaxyNote 20.Max Weinbach also confirmed that there areno references to any new chipset in the firmwareexcept the Snapdragon 865+ and hence the Note20 and Note 20 Ultra will use Exynos 990.

This is bad!I mean really bad because the performancedisparity on the Note 20 variants and betweenExynos and Snapdragon will further increasecompared to the S20 where it was 20%.Now it may go up to 30%.That’s huge!That’s the type of difference you would expectfrom a mid-ranger and a high-end flagship.I really don’t understand what’s going onin Samsung’s mind.How do they even think that selling the samehandset for the same price but one with aninferior performance is even fair to theirconsumers?People were already mad about the disparityon the S20 but now this is taking it to anotherlevel.This is only acceptable if they sell the Note20 and Note 20 Ultra at cheaper prices tothe Exynos regions compared to the US butI’m pretty sure that’s not going to happeneither.

Now, if you’re still not furious with thenews I have another one that will surely makeyou lose your nerves.Apparently the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that Jimmyhas doesn’t support 120Hz at QHD+ resolution.You can only use it at FHD+ and if you wantQHD+ you need to turn down the refresh rateto 60Hz just like the Galaxy S20.Jimmy says the Note 20 Ultra that he has ison a pre-release software so there is a possibilitythat Samsung may add the support for QHD+at 120 in the final retail version.So there’s still a possibility albeit a veryslim one.Anyway, we have live pictures of the GalaxyTab S7+ thanks to the certification authoritySafety Korea’s website.

It looks exactly like the renders we saw afew weeks ago.Not only that but we also have the officialpress renders of the Galaxy Buds beans whichis one of the weirdest wearables I’ve seenever.Samsung will offer it in three color variantsincluding that metallic bronze.These will have active noise cancellationsomething we don’t have on the buds+.The rumored price for this $150 cheaper thanthe buds+.Of course for all the latest updates on theGalaxy Note 20 please be sure to subscribeand as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peaceout!


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