Apple Stole OnePlus’ Spotlight

Apple Stole OnePlus’ Spotlight

We’re living in strange times.When people be looking to spend less on anew phone, it’s not OnePlus, but Apple,which has the most “affordable” new phonerelease of the year.Apple revealed the iPhone SE yesterday, adevice that has the same processing poweras the iPhone 11 (with an A13 Bionic chip),a TouchID sensor, and the same “main”camera as the iPhone 11.Not only that it has an IP67/68 rating forwater resistance, wireless charging, and mostimportantly has an Apple logo at the backwhich still matters to a lot of people.

But above all of that, the single most reasonwhy this 4-year-old looking handset is breakingthe internet is its price.The iPhone SE is a $399 phone that featuresthe world’s fastest processor, wireless charging,IP rating, a flagship-grade camera and more.Something that we have NEVER seen on a budgetphone.Of course, OnePlus used to do that back inthe days, I mean OnePlus started their smartphonebrand journey as a low-cost, high-value “flagshipkiller” manufacturer.But now even their cheapest device startsat $700 and the company has totally forgottentheir roots and the motto of never settle.

I even made a video about this a few daysago explaining how OnePlus forgot their idealsand lost the plot but a lot of people disagreedsaying OnePlus added wireless charging andIP rating so the increase in the price isjustified and I don’t get to complain aboutthe price.Well, what are you going to say about theiPhone SE that has both of them and stillcosts the same as the original iPhone SE?Kinda ironic for OnePlus fans to justify theincrease in the price of the oneplus 8 and8 Pro because for years OnePlus itself hasbeen telling their fans to “never settle”But it looks like in the whole process ofnever settling not only OnePlus but theirfans have conveniently forgotten about thecompany’s roots and ideals.Of course, I totally understand the iPhoneSE and OnePlus 8 is not an apple’s to applecomparison, there’s a huge difference in displayand design.

The iPhone SE looks outdated, I mean the designgoes back to the iPhone 6 days and that’s5 years ago but if you keep the display asidefor a moment then this new iPhone just stealsthe thunder from the OnePlus 8 handsets orany other Midrange Android handsets.I mean I’m having a really hard time findinganything not to like about a $400 device thatshould be able to keep pace with even thehighest-end flagships.Of course, as I’ve mentioned I’m not interestedin a phone with a 2016 design with a tiny720p display and giant bezels.But there’s one reason I’m really happy Applelaunched this handset and I wish this sellsin tens of millions if not in hundreds andit’s the price.

I mean Phone prices have gotten completelyout of control and something needs to change.This step from Apple will be beneficial forthe whole market and even the Android oneswhich are getting prices over $1000 in thepast 2 years.I dislike Apple’s closed ecosystem and theirgrip on people’s weird tendency for brandloyalty for a long time, but I really hopethe SE becomes a massive hit in terms of salesand gives the likes of Samsung, OnePlus, etca much-needed kick up the arse and force themto lower their prices or make better midrangehandsets.

With that said, let me know what do you thinkdown in the comments and as always I’ll seeyou tomorrow…peace out


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