Huawei P20 Pro vs RED Cinema Camera

Huawei P20 Pro vs RED Cinema Camera

The RED Digital Cinema Camera versus the HuaweiP20 Pro, but you already knew that, I meanyou saw the title, right? Like that’s whyyou’re clicking and watching right now.That thing took me so long to setup that thesun is pretty much setting now. I thoughtI was gonna have a little bit more time tofilm, things always take longer than you expect.Huawei P20 Pro, a ton of you guys requestedme to test out this camera. I havn’t evenheard of this phone until you guys asked meto review it.

They don’t even sell it in theUS so I had to order from some weird Germanwebsite. Had my roommate kind of translatesome German for me to try to order this anddidn’t really know what I was doing. Justafter I did all the work and got it, I realizednow they’re selling it on Amazon here so great.You’re looking at the phone right now andyou know, it’s not looking too bad. We’refilming in 4K right now. You don’t get imagestabilization in 4K so that’s a bummer. Itwas mounted on a tripod but the wind was blowingpretty hard pushing it around. Let’s takea look at the RED now. Colors are much moreneutralized but there’s definitely a lot moredetail in there.

All this footage is straightout of the camera, no color correction. Soif the colors are a little bit too dull foryour personal taste remember, it’s much easierto add color and contrast. So that’s the plusside of shooting flat. The Huawei is definitelypretty sharp, the details and everything,pop but for my personal taste, it looks alittle bit too much like artificial sharpening.What do you guys think? Now, I just got tosay this. When I found out that there’s noimage stabilization in 4K and that kind ofmade the 4K useless to me, the smaller yourcamera is, the harder it’s gonna be able tohold it stable. So when you’re dealing withphones, I just feel like it’s a necessityand that alone is enough of a reason for meto not want to really switch to thisphone and just stick with my iPhone 10.

TheiPhone 10 at 4K keeps everything nice andsmooth and the Huawei, you just see everylittle jitter, every step. So if I ever usethis camera to shoot a vlog, I’ll probablyjust shoot in HD and keep that image stabilization.And yes, those little hiking boots are adorable.She didn’t like them at first but now sheloves them. This camera is just way too shaky.Sorry for getting sidetracked, back to thecomparison. So right now, we have our RED30 to 90 millimeters all at a T2.0. So now,we’re gonna do a couple more test shots withit. It’s overcast day, the Huawei set on a3x zoom so you can immediately see a big lossin quality. It’s technically still at 4K butit’s a digital zoom which is never as goodas if you could zoom in the lens.

Now, ifwe look at this shot from the RED, yeah, that’spretty much a wrap on this video, you guysget the point. Now, let’s look at a littlebit of slow-mo because who doesn’t love slow-mo?If you hate slow-mo, you might be a sociopath,you might want to talk to your psychiatristabout that. Now, the Huawei has more framerate options even more than the RED. So, howwell does it work? Here’s some slow-motionsamples from the Huawei P20 Pro. I actuallythink it’s so awesome that all these smartphonesnow are having 120 or 240 frames per secondin slow motion. You can ramp this all theway up to 960 frames per second in a veryshort burst, but to me, it doesn’t look likereal 960 frames per second. For example, ifyou use software like Twixtor, you can shootat whatever frame rate and it artificiallydraws in those frames to make it seem smoother.

You can spot this by looking at the tail andthe ears. I feel like super slow-motion isjust so much fun and it just never gets oldplaying with it, and the slow-motion footageout of the P20 Pro, definitely solid but atthe same time, you can’t really call thiscinematic like if you were watching NationalGeographic or planet Earth and this shot cameup, you’d be like, “Meh.” But the RED on theother hand, just imagine I have a British accentand a less annoying voice, okay? Que somedramatic music. At this point of the day,the canines partake in their favorite yetdeadly activity, it’s called the fetch wheretheir natural hunting instincts are unleashed.

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A cinemacamera that costs a fortune is better thana camera phone even if it has three lenses.Was that obvious? Are you gonna complain nowthat this was a totally pointless video, youdidn’t learn anything? Well, how about I teachyou a little something about these nuts, thesenuts. I don’t know what you were thinking,you weirdo. Harvard University did a hugestudy where they followed a 120,000 peoplefor over 30 years. I mean, they started thisstudy back in the days of Led Zeppelin. Quickmoment of silence. I mean, how do you evenkeep track of a 120,000 people for 30 years?I can’t keep track of my keys for a day. Itcategorized everybody to six different groups,people that don’t eat any nuts all the wayup to people that eat nuts every single day.And what did they find out? The more nutsthey ate, the less likely they were to dieduring that 30-year study.

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I can’t rip my shirtI need to work out. So, next time you’reat the store, pick up some nuts, preferablyunsalted because you want to lower that sodiumintake, keep that blood pressure nice andhopefully you think, “Oh, I’m so glad I watchedthat potato jet video, that was totally nota waste of eight minutes.” So, let’s get backto camera stuff. Obviously, a phone is nevergonna be able to compete with a Cinema REDcamera that’s decked out, but what if you strip downthe RED, just put like a little basic lenson here and just shoot like normal stuff,like if we were to document simple thingslike the dogs first time seeing a Roomba.Now, the RED is definitely a huge pain onshooting stuff like this, it’s much heavier,you’re always wondering if it’s in focus anddouble checking all your settings.

No more dog hair. Yay!And if you’re wondering, yes, Carrieis a crazy dog lady but it works out, I takeadvantage of her dogs for content. And thedogs and the Roomba have not yet become friends.I should also mention that I love how REDshoots in raw. Aside from the sharpness, there’sa ton more information captured in the RED.For example, let’s look at this shot. I’mgonna darken it to try to get some informationout of the windows, nothing. The camera justdoesn’t record any of that information. Switchit over to RED, what you’re looking at rightnow is just the settings that was shot on.What’s awesome about raw is that you can goback and change the settings in the camera.It’s as close at time-travelling as you canget, at least as far as the government wantsus to know. And since you have all this information,you can bring down the windows just a littlebit so it doesn’t look so blown out.

So ifyou’re that guy that always shoots on thewrong setting, this raw capability might saveyou once in a while. And now, just lookingat a couple more clips, the RED generallyjust looks a little bit more natural and organicto me whereas the Huawei, it just looks alittle bit like it’s been over sharpened.But really, the fact that we’re even comparingthese two cameras is insane, like the shotof the salad doesn’t look too bad and I wasalso pretty impressed at its low-light capabilities.It’s not perfect, it starts to look a littlebit pasty and artificial but at least youcan see what’s going on, which is pretty impressive.The RED is at 2000 ISO and the lenses at F1.8.I still think the RED is a clear winner, it’ssharper, everything looks much more natural,it has that cool red look to it. But withHuawei, I’m actually pretty impressed.

A lotof times at night if you just whip out yourphone to try to film something, you’re notnecessarily trying to get the most cinematicfootage, you just want to see what’s goingon, and the Huawei I think achieves that.By the way, I dropped the Huawei’s resolutionfrom 4K to HD so I get that image stabilizationtotally worth that smoother footage. And justto put things into perspective, this is whatmy iPhone 10 looks like in the same lighting,definitely darker and grainer. I think Huaweiis doing something to enhance this image andit makes it look a little bit pastier butit looks so much brighter, so that’s prettycool. But once you start walking with it inlow-light, you definitely see that digitalimage stabilization trying to kick in. So,points for the iPhone for its image stabilization,which brings me to my final point. The Huaweican look really good in the right condition,but in terms of video, I think this is farfrom being the best camera phone.

This isselfie mode on a slightly cloudy day. So ifyou’re a vlogger, this is how your footageis gonna come out. There’s just so much oversharpening that makes everything look kindof, uhg. The highlight roll off is prettyterrible, the skin tones don’t look very naturaland vibrant. Here, the dogs just blendingin with the ground, there’s just not enoughdepth in the color. To me, it kind of feelslike they were just aiming for high numberson a spec sheet but they left out a lot ofcrucial things that make a video look reallynice. Putting it side-by-side with my iPhoneagain, the iPhone 10 just looks a whole lotmore natural, the Huawei, it just kind oflooks like someone put a really bad Instagramfilter on it. But I kind of want to know whatyou guys think. Do you guys agree with me?

Do you guys think that Huawei looks better?I feel like you put a lot of focus into thecamera for photography and stills which isawesome, but they kind of just like we’relike, nah, for the video. I still prefer theGalaxy and the iPhone over this. But the stillcamera on this is pretty interesting I mustsay like they’ve done some innovative stufflike here, they can see that it’s food sothey put the settings on it for food likenuts. They still have a little ways to gofor video but I must say, I’m very interestedto see what kind of stuff they do in the future.

That’s all I got for you guys. Thank you somuch for watching and also thanks for recommendingthis camera to test out, it’s been interestingfor sure. And I got to go clean all thesenuts off the ground so.


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