It’s never gonna work you can’t make a potato camera potatoes are meant for one thing only eatingWren check out this picture. I just took it’s one of my favorites take down how a potato or something actually I didSo there’s this saying on the Internet. When you see a really bad picture you go what you take that on your potato?Well, I want to answer that question. Yes, I didI’ve never actually tried to make a camera before it sounds really complicatedBut the thing is if I use film it makes my life a little bit easier.

So here’s the challenge take an actual potatoCarve it out so that you have a film spot inside where your film can sit and you slap a lens on the frontCan I actually make a working potato camera? Let’s find outThere’s a whole range of tests that we have to do here. I think at the end of the day what’s probably gonna happen?We’re gonna build the camera. We’re going to keep it in a bag or a box. Until it’s time to take a pictureat which point we’ll just take it out, expose it, put it back. Keep it quick. We also got lots of problemsWe’re gonna have to deal with one light if any light gets into this potato when it has film in itIt’s going to ruin the film. It’s gonna expose itWe need to cut one of these open and see if light can travel through a potato.

I’m thinking it can yeahThat’s a lot of lightHow do you want to deal with this? I kind of don’t want to spray paint it blackI don’t think it’ll adhere or dry I agreeYou know what might work, build a little 3d printed chamber and just keep this in to open. Mm-hmmHow did that take a print anything probably do it quick. Let’s try itLet’s do it time to do some 3d modeling combining new technology with old potatoes and PLA printersI’m have a chamber for the film ideally to you know, be ideal to like Messing like this film backing 38 millimeters tallyeah, so 50 millimeters wide so thismuffled screamsTest test test test testMuffled screamsYou guys ready to getSmoked there we go. That’s it. You just cover the top with gaff tape me a little bigWe’ll see what happens.

If you do let’s go smaller. Rather get smaller than too big. I don’t knowBecause it’s like how big is it? It’s like 40 40 millimeters tall film is 36 doesn’t go so much play NickI’m a doing man. We’re gonna take someHere we goThen we get into the mechanics of this thing where the lens is gonna sitchop that flat and we’ll kind of carve out a little bit of a hole that old lens will fit in we’re gonna take theTop of the tato and chop that like this. It’s gonna lift the top off carve out a spot inside nowThe thing is we need be able to roll the film through hereWe’ll have a film gate and then it’ll go down here into a chamber or the film can go so cold around town here in.

LA you think you’d be able to find a place?I can do whatever you want for film but no films dead apparentlySo the best we could find was a shop that would do nine inch strips of filmSo we bought a couple 35 millimeter film Louis. We’re going got to do nine inch strips at a time nowIt’s kind of a waste. We only do one picture per nine inch stripsSo Nick and I are challenging ourselvesTo make it so you do multiple exposures on one strip of film rolling the film through in the film gateHow do we know if we can fit the film in there simple how big it’s known 24 by 36 mmSee, how wide the step is. Oh, it’s perfect. This is like exactly the same sizeWow who thought they would have standardize tape rolls and film the same size.

All right, so we need nine inchesVegan camera imagine that there’s a hole cut in this balsa wood and here’s our film rollWe’re gonna go in the back open it up move the film one ring for its. Theoretically this should all work outEh, okay. Look at that some focusYeahYeah, the little proof of concept build seems to be working when aiwei’s? a real test to do hereGoing good to be back. Finally. It’s been too long went through my second year in college in San FranciscoWhose great year got to live with my best friends. Lots of Adventure is great times, but I alsoShot my very own spider-man short film which I will now be editingHere, which is pretty exciting. So basically I’ve been wanting to make a spider-man movie for as long as I canRemember, I grew up watching the Sam Raimi spider-man movies. Probably my biggest inspirations so good.

Don’t watch the spider-man 3One of my pet peeves is just bring that movie. I hate that movie so much. It’s definitely its own movieI wrote a script for a spider-man short last year and I’ve been working on getting it made thankfullyI had put together a teaser that is already on my Instagram showed that to Jake had some of the effects in it he wasImpressed he showed it to Sam and Nico they were into itAnd so they gave me the budget to make this short film all on my own in San FranciscoThere were two big challenges with this project one. It’s a period pieceit’s set in the 1960s which for a short film is very difficult becauseCostuming takes a lot of money, you know, it’s really hard to get that many extras to fill a background to make you knowthe space feel realistic part of how we’re going to fix that is through lots and lots of visual effects likeSo many the other challenge was putting spider-man in a movie because obviously that comes with a lot of challengesYou know acrobatics the costume took many many hours to create made it from scratchCouldn’t get a stunt double.

So thankfully we have visual effects right nowI’m working on creating Spiderman from the ground up and CGI a lot of its gonna be hand animatingWhich is really tough mostly the swinging sequences because you can’t really film someoneswinging in between buildings to like see how their movements lookHopefully I can finish this before the end of June which is when it’s due. So, I guess we’ll seeYeah, it’s gonna be tough. I’m gonna be working. Some late hours. Probably definitely lots of pressure. Lots of big shoes to fill right?It’s not gonna help me with baby wanna help my mom man, you’re spider-man 3 pinIt’s pretty good there the windows just fine – time to carve out master potato andIdeas, this is where a film will go a lot of being better.

Dang. Look at that. GreatDo you think this will be able to compete with the red maybe only in terms ofStyle like the Reds all black with like cool skulls and this is all like yellow with like coolsmellsHey you think this is just an ordinary potato think againKato camera. All right. So I finished hollowing out the potato this fits in there nice and snug and that’s gonna protect an imageHopefully into our film. All right, so the potato construction is doneWe’re ready to throw the film chamber in there take our pictures, but I want to make sure this lens is workingWe’re gonna put this on a real camera.

We’re gonna get a sense of exposureWhat settings should we be at because we need to have to stop down a fair amountwellWe’re sure we can do is we can control the aperture of this lens and the tighter the aperture the more things are in focusWe can’t see or shooting you can only point the potato at it and hope it comes out beautifully so set the aperture to aroundF11 and then we know our film is 100Iso so we put this lens on real camera when we stop it down to 11 and we set the cameras ISO to 100Then we should get a reading for the shutter speed how long we need to take our lens cap off and then put it backOn to take our picture here at 1/4 of a second. It’s a perfect exposure in hereIt’s a potato cameraI think this is gonna workI have a Raider load some film in this son of a look at my new camera is where I think it doesSo we’ll have the lens cap on it’s time to take a picture and just take it off and put it back on.

Blurry we have these a tripodThink having a ToledoExistence there’s more of a priority than whether or not is blurry man. That reason just there is doubt in my potato cameraIt’s never gonna work ever you can’t make a potato camera. You know what you should give up nowPotatoes are meant for one thing. Only eating is gonna get popular and there’s gonna be another famine. Ah isn’t thereso we have one more big challenge ahead of us for to get this to work thing is if any light hits theUndeveloped film it ruins it straight up. So we need to be in a pitch-black roomLet me cut the film into nine inch stripsWe need to stay in that pitch-black room when you load it into here and make sure it’s love it correctlyWe get it all sealed up. We can’t let any light leak into this potato if that happensThe film is ruined traditionally in dark rooms.

They have a light with a red of a certain wavelength. It doesn’t expose the filmI thought I’d feel ups you light might work, but we decided not to risk it. We’re gonna go extra safeI’m going to use an infrared camera and be in pitch blackness for this to work. Okay?Just gotta memorize everything isYou get plates everything beforehand. Here we goI can’t see anything. There’s some low in the dark things on the ceiling apparently, dudeShould we turn on the light to take this bit better?That’s not good to breatheI Recently retired from corridor digital and moved to Fiji because this episode is brought to you by SquarespaceSquarespace is so easy to use that. I just quit and move to a faraway IslandIt’s so easy. I make websites for everybody here in Fiji Squarespace has beautiful award-winning templatesMeaning you don’t need to know anything about color in order to use their website. Do you see that?Do you see those surfers down there?

Hey guysYeahThey’re having a great time because you know why Squarespace is flexible for any kind of websiteMeaning that if you’re a surfer a Frank over thereHey, I see you crazy animal don’t think you’re going anywhereSquarespace has an all-in-one platform. Meaning there’s nothing to install patch or upgrade everDo you feel that ocean breezeThat’s what they’re 24/7 award-winning customer service feels like so greatRemember you can get $10 off your first purchase by going to squirt space.com forward slash corridor crew right now. You’ll thank me. LatercannonballNow make sure we don’t over expose the film go downBut Spencer died in a train accident 20 years agoKill those lightsAll right ready seal, okay, I’m gonna turn on the light go for it. Let’s do it. Yeah, don’t moveOkay, that’s it now, I did one I need to advance the film so I need to open this up again and do thatIf we get any image if you can even make out a human I’ll be happy that would be successfulIf there’s any actual yeah, even if it’s blurry, even though we’ve been really careful. There’s probably a 30% chanceWe’re actually gonna get something 30% chance, but something will actually get anything.

YeahThese black squares are the exposures. Oh man. There’s a ghost to them see peopleLike these ghostly people something lorries happen right there. It only works totallyHoly $&!% when they developed it, they didn’t think it worked. Okay. There’s a Slenderman That’s a really good Slendy right there we have all the negatives hereSo now we need to do is scan them in and inverse the colors so you can see what the images look likeNice gate. It’s probably super blurry and out of focusProbably oh my god that totally workedThere’s actually peopleI’m not sure who that was. I think that’s you. Yeah, I think this is Gabe.

I’m believe gaben Peter. I think yeahYeahI think there might even double imprints like here this photo might have been in one of theseWhen I was laying on top of it something we did like double expose which is kind of cool actuallyYeah, you can actually see the logo the indigo print slow going game yeahThat’s Jake and Christian. I am their arms fricking boss mode dude. Definitely out of focusYeah!Believe I can see you’re right. Yeah, I can see. Yeah, I can see it hereWell, you can see the light switch. You can see the door to the conduit box. This is a really spooky womanThat’s like zone that looks like album art or a dark. AmbientSo that’s you Clint. And that’sYeah, oh yeahOh, who is this Oh, who’s this someone with a gun? No this with an axe or holy intern scanner. That’s ChristianYeah doing is I’m classic Christian pose that work virtually. Well, it’s in focus. Actually.

This makes meFeel like foggy if you stand back and blurrier eyes, you can see his camo shorts. YepYou see white shoes white socks and his arms conflict. Yeah, that’s really good. Oh wowI’m super in focus freakin Slenderman over here, dude. Hey, who’s this?That’s definitely me a manly just cuz I remember specifically doing that pose that cheek. Yeah, that’s Jake. Definitely JayLet’s definitely Jake these ones.

Actually these ones are almost perfectTo be honest with you exposure wise like kind of about as good as it getsSo potato camera does exactly what we thought it would do which is take crappyBut still visible pictures kind of work like we got these weird ghostly figures which is actually exactly what I was hoping for


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