okay Monica you know what time you’re kind of losing it here I mean this is really becoming like a weird obsession thing this is madness it’s madness I tell you what’s up guys Sal here so we know that Sam Singh is making not only smart phones or smart products but also supplies components for different products apart from the displays and chips is also very popular in the camera sensor market earlier it.

launched the industry’s first 108 megapixel camera sensor and then the galaxy s 20 altra was equipped with this new sensor however this is far from the end of the pixel war recently we learned that Samsung is developing a third generation billion pixel camera sensor the number of this new sensor will reach 150 million and while some of us believe that the 108 megapixel sensor is overkill for smartphones let alone hundred 50 megapixels Samson thinks otherwise because in an official editorial in their own website Samsung is saying they are developing a new camera sensor that will capture more detail.

than the humanoid youngin Park who has the sensor business team at Samson’s LSI division has revealed that the resolution of the human eye is said to be around 500 megapixel sampson however is developing a 600 megapixel sensor that could be used in smartphones drones cars and IOT devices Samsung mentioned that it would happen very easy to make the 600 megapixel sensor if they simply put as many pixels as possible together into a sensor but it will be absurdly huge and won’t fit into a smartphone and that’s where the challenges begin so in order to shrink the sensor Samsung would have to reduce the pixel size.

by the downside of that a smaller pixels can result in fuzzy or dull pictures due to the smaller area that each pixels receive light information from so what Samsung did was as some of you have already guessed it they used pixel building technology the galaxy s 20 ultra an 8 megapixel camera uses known as LTAC that bends 9 0.8 micron pixels to function as large 2.4 micron pixel to deliver impressive low-light performance Sampson is using similar bidding tech to achieve this crazy 600 megapixel resolution while keeping the overall sensor as compact as possible Samsung also mentioned that they’re not just developing camera sensors we’re also looking into.

other types of sensors that can register smells or tastes sensors that even go beyond the human senses to eventually become integral parts of our daily lives for example image sensors that could perceive ultraviolet light that can be used for diagnosing skin cancer by capturing pictures to showcase healthy cells and cancer cells in different colors so they’re not looking to target just smartphones with this new sensors but other important fields as well Samsung hasn’t mentioned anything about when we can expect this crazy megapixel madness .

but I’ll say it will take them a long time to launch this for a smartphone the current flagship smartphone chip such as the snapdragon 865 supports up to a 200 megapixel camera sensor so first they need to make chipsets that can support these mini camera pixels so don’t expect it to happen this year or even next year but hey with how fast technology is moving forward these days.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they launched it sooner than we would expect of course with that being said let me know what you think about this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow peace out


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